Inferno®: The Heat Resistant Soft Sling

The sling that will maintain its strength even in the toughest conditions

The Solution for High Temperatures

When it comes to lifting under extreme heat conditions, the Inferno® soft sling is a game changer. Developed in close collaboration with our suppliers and thoroughly tested in our factory, the Inferno® sling is made of 100% Aramid, making it ultra-heat resistant. This means that even under temperatures as high as 200⁰C, the Inferno® soft sling will maintain its strength and durability.

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The Inferno® soft sling is a reliable and effective solution for companies that face challenging lifting conditions and need to ensure the safety of their employees and equipment. With a working load limit of up to 50T, the Inferno® soft sling comes in a vibrant yellow color and is available in lengths ranging from 0.5m to 65m. Special requests for slings weighing up to 2.5t can be produced in black.

The Entertainment Sling

The Black Inferno® is an innovative lifting solution with a sleek black finish that blends seamlessly with any set design or performance space. Not only does it provide a functional and reliable solution for your lifting needs, but it also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of your production. 

Investing in the Black Inferno® can significantly improve your shows’ and performances’ safety, functionality, and visual appeal. It is the perfect solution for professionals in the entertainment industry who want to achieve the ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Inferno®: Raising expectations with raising temperatures


The Inferno® heat-resistant soft sling jacket is repairable, making it a sustainable option. In case of damage to the jacket, it can be repaired, extending the lifespan of the sling, and reducing waste. This feature adds to the product’s overall sustainability and makes it a more economical and eco-friendly choice for the lifting industry.