The core of every Extreema® round sling is made exclusively of 100% high-performance fibers.

Extreema® round slings are constructed using advanced parallel-laid fiber technology, forming the sling’s core. The core of every Extreema® round sling is made exclusively of 100% high-performance fibers, including Dyneema®, known as the world’s strongest fiber™, and Trosar® (general HMPE). These superior fibers ensure exceptional strength and durability, making Extreema® round slings an ideal choice for heavy-duty lifting and rigging applications.

Bio-Based Dyneema® Core

Bio-Based Dyneema® is an Ultra High Molecular Weight PolyEthylene (UHMWPE) fiber renowned for its unmatched strength-to-weight ratio. Developed by DSM in the Netherlands, this bio-based wonder fiber is often called “the world’s strongest fibre”™. Dyneema® yarn is manufactured in the EU and US, ensuring availability and quality for customers worldwide.
The secret behind Dyneema®’s superior performance lies in its incredibly long molecular chains, which distribute loads more efficiently across the polymer backbone. This results in a fiber that offers maximum strength and minimal weight, making it a top choice for high-performance applications where strength and weight are critical factors. Trust Dyneema® to deliver exceptional performance in the most challenging conditions.

Aramid Core

Aramid is a synthetic fibre known for its remarkable strength and heat resistance. Aramid fibres are commonly used in high-performance applications that require exceptional durability. The aramid core is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent cut resistance, and abrasion resistance. The combination of aramid and other high-performance fibres creates a round sling that is strong, lightweight, and versatile. Trust aramid core for reliable performance in the most challenging applications.


High-modulus PolyEthylene (HMPE) is a strong and durable material due to its long chains, which efficiently transfer loads and enhance interactions between molecules. This results in a rigid material with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic.

HMPE is highly resistant to corrosive chemicals (excluding oxidizing acids), has low moisture absorption and friction, and is self-lubricating and abrasion-resistant. Although there’s limited long-term research, HMPE is manufactured to consistent quality standards by DSM in the Netherlands in Asia, making it reliable and high-performing in various applications.

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Features Comparison

Strength to weight ratio (cN/dtex)*35,132,521,88,2
Chemical resistanceExcellent (1)Excellent (2)PoorPoor
Temp. range (°C)-180 - +70 (3)-180 - +70 (3)-180 – +200 (4)-40 – +100
Capacity range (MBL (metric ton)) (5)3,5 – 45003,5 – 450014 – 7003,5 - 1400
Length range (m) (6)0,5 - 650,5 - 650,5 - 650,5 - 65
Specific gravity0,9750,9751,451,38
Moisture resistanceExcellent (7)Excellent (7)PoorPoor
Elongation at use (%) (8)0,5 – 10,5 – 10,6 – 13-5
Elongation at break (%)3-43-4410-14

1) Including extensive datasheets. Specific chemicals can be tested on request at yarn supplier.

2) Excluding extensive datasheets.

3) Strength decreases at higher temperatures. Max. temp for long exposure is 70 °C. More detailed info on request.

4) Remains full strength at max. temperature of 200 °C.

5) Capacity in straight pull configuration.

6) Length depending on WLL. Range is approximate. Higher/lower on specific request.

7) Does not absorb water.

8) Based on safety factor 7.