Discover the versatile product range of Extreema®.

Black Belt Sling

The Extreema® Black Belt Sling™ is a high-performance lifting solution ensuring exceptional strength and durability.

The Original

The Extreema® Original is the first product created under the Extreema® brand and is known for its durable and long-lasting nature.

XS Round Sling

The Extreema XS round sling, with its small core diameter, offers a versatile and efficient solution for lifting payloads in confined spaces.

Coil Sling

The Coil Sling offers the steel industry a lightweight and durable solution with exceptional resistance to cutting and abrasion.

Inferno®: The heat Resistant Soft Sling

The Inferno heat-resistant soft sling is a durable and reliable lifting accessory designed to withstand high temperatures.