Signal Sleeve

Signal sleeves indicate sling damage, allowing safe use of the core with jacket repair or replacement.

A signal sleeve can be added to the core of a round sling to help indicate when the sling has been damaged. This sleeve is typically made from red Dyneema® or orange high-tenacity Polyester and serves as a clear visual warning when the sling is no longer safe to use. By choosing an inner signal warning sleeve, the core of the round sling can still be safely used, and only the jacket needs to be repaired or replaced.

Dyneema® Signal Sleeve

Dyneema® is a highly durable material with exceptional resistance to cuts, abrasion, and puncture. If a round sling’s outer jacket is damaged, a Dyneema® inner signal warning sleeve can help protect the sling’s core. This sleeve is designed to be highly visible and is available in a bright red color, making it easy to spot when the sling is no longer safe to use.

Sand Ingress Protection Filter

Extreema® heavy lift round slings are ideal for subsea use due to their high resistance to salt and chemicals and their water-repellent properties. However, subsea applications can pose challenges, such as the risk of internal abrasion in the bearing core yarn due to particle penetration. To prevent this, we recommend using our Extreema® sand ingress protection filter as an inner sleeve for the Extreema® round sling. The filter features a small O90 opening size of less than 0.036mm, providing effective filtration while allowing the sling to flood freely.

Polyester Signal Sleeve

Compared to Dyneema®, a polyester inner signal warning sleeve offers less resistance to cuts, abrasions, and punctures. If you prefer a polyester inner signal warning sleeve, it will be provided in a highly visible orange color, making it easy to identify when the sling is no longer safe to use. While it may not offer the same level of protection as a Dyneema® sleeve, a polyester sleeve can still provide an extra layer of security for your lifting operations.